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Colony Energy Appeals To Tulare Council On Biogas Project

January 18,2017l

screen-shot-2016-12-06-at-7-51-56-amThe Tulare City Council heard an appeal from Colony Energy to take a second look at its proposed biogas project after the past city manager and staff balked at moving forward with the LA based firm. Managing partner Kent Hawkins will be making a presentation January 17 to the council including new members, about the advantages for Tulare moving forward with renewable energy project. Partner Matt Schmidt says will offer evidence of financial ability including a joint appearance by their equity partner bringing $10 million to the table. That would be added the $8 million in state grants in place to build the $23 million renewable energy project says a memo to the city.
City Public Works Director Joe Carlini has supported a plan to back a rival proposal from Fuel Cell Energy has last summer.
Colony says they have promised $1 million in annual revenue for the city once the project is operating. Revenue would come in part from sales of the flared gas at the WWT plant that now is wasted.

After the meeting this week the council is said to be interested.

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