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Morro Bay May Take Over State Park Marina

Screen Shot 2017-01-18 at 1.59.36 PMThe City of Morro Bay’s Harbor Advisory Board is recommending the City take over the operation and ownership of the concession at the State Park marina that includes the iconic Bayside Cafe eatery.
“We don’t have much choice if we want to raise funds to continue the needed dredging at the State Park Marina” says Harbor Director Eric Endersby.
The Harbor Board has forwarded a resolution to the city council who will make the final decision.
The City might buy the land and facilities from the state to help pay for the the ongoing need to dredge in this part of Morro Bay. This backwater part of bay has not been dredged since 2011 and the city estimates it could cost $3 million to carry out. Endersby had been hoping somehow to move forward on dredging this year but now that appears to be unlikely and silt continues to build up around the marina.
The need for more revenue to pay to keep the channel open is conflicting with the public’s desire to keep what has been termed this “funky” low-key and “quaint” landmark cafe just as it is. A letter writing campaign by local supporters in 2015 helped put the kibosh on any plan to open up the bidding on the concession by the state.
The cafe continues on month to month rent.
But now the city could be the decision maker putting the future of operations including the eatery, marina and kayak rental in question.At least the decision would be local.

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