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Valley Hyperloop Plan Fizzles

May 26,2107-
Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.24.48 PMMore than two years ago Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) announced a formal agreement with the developers of Quay Valley, California, to develop an installation of the Hyperloop along a five-mile stretch of the town running alongside Interstate 5 in Kings County.They said construction would begin in 2016, to be the first working passenger-ready Hyperloop in an urban area.
So what’s happening today? In a word – never mind.
The company CEO recently told CNBC news they are now focusing on multiple proposals around the world to build a test track including in Indonesia where the government has offered a contract for $2.5 million. Also in the Middle East  the United Arab Emirates has made offers.
This month Hyperloop CEO Dirk Ahlborn told CNBC at a Singapore conference that the first track will unlikely be in Quay Valley. “(It) is a commercial project that makes sense when the city is there. Until they start construction, it doesn’t make sense for us to start there,” Ahlborn said, adding it made more sense for HTT, which is largely privately backed, to focus efforts in markets where “governments actually pay us.”
Kings County planner Sandy Roper says HTT has not yet responded to requests to update their environmental documents as of March, the next step needed to move forward. As for the even more ambitious Quay Valley project itself, consultants for the company continue to work on their environmental documents with any public hearing, months away at best.
Here is the vision of what the new town, Quay Valley, would look like when developed – a long way from how it looks today along I-5, a few miles south of Kettleman City.

Screen Shot 2017-05-26 at 12.26.18 PM

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