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Ag Beat: GMO / Milk / More

GMO Vote In State Of Washington: Voters in Washington State have voted against a bill that would have required the labeling of genetically altered foods earlier this month.News reports say “Supporters of the bill were severely outgunned in the campaign faced by corporate opposition from the likes of Monsanto, Pepsi and Nestle. “ The companies raised $22 million to fight the ballot measure vs $8.4 million from supporters. Some 70% of processed food in the US uses genetically modified ingredients .In September exports of  Washington wheat to Japan were rejected because they contained GMO material  from a nearby alfalfa field.

Walnut shipments are up around 10% this fall compared to the same period a year before.Tonnage through October stands at 129,518 tons vs 118,263 last marketing year. Exports are up 11.4% with European sales up 22.6%.

Say goodbye to this fall’s wonderful strawberry crop with shipments up nearly10% this year vs 2012. We have shipped 153.3 million flats so far this year vs  141.7 million this time last year California production has fallen off significantly in the past few weeks with the Santa Maria growing area recording  50,493 flats sold as of 11/23 compared to 129,437 flats on 11/18.Cold nights and rain will end the season.

Fresh produce packaging is expected to grow 33.3% a year through 2017 says  an industry study.Ready to eat fruit packaging is expected to be a big driver.

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 6.41.02 AMUS West sells most of the nation’s butter (52%) and milk powder( 75%) says CDFA, a big jump from 2007(see map)

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