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News Updates: Water / Tulare Vote

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 7.03.23 AMBay Area Could Wet in Early September

One NOAA forecast suggests northern California south of the Bay Area could get wet with the fall season’s first storm.But don’t get your umbrella out yet as this is just one model being forecasted while others show the system staying north of the Oregon border.Weather map shows progress of the storm as of September 8 with heavier precip over Tahoe.

San Luis Reservoir Filling Back Up

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 4.54.01 PMSan Luis Reservoir near Los Banos hit a 27-year low a few weeks ago but as of September 1 will have gained about 100,000AF of water pumped from north of the Delta. The water level at the key reservoir that feeds the California Aqueduct is now near 300,000AF and rising – storing Northern California water for users south of the Delta over the next season. As of mid August the lake was just 10% full. But the federal and state pumps are running now in an effort to balance the needs of fish and farmers.Regulators also point to the need for water that would have gone to San Luis Reservoir – instead passing through the delta to keep rising ocean tides from San Francisco Bay from getting into the state’s river system. The lake has not filled since 2011 now in the fifth year of drought. Some farmers blame regulators for protecting fish vs humans.

About One Third Vote In Tulare Hospital Bond Vote

With almost 26,000 residents eligible to vote in the special election in Tulare only 9252 have voted through August 26 with the deadline August 30. The mail-in vote will either approve or disapprove a bond to build the new hospital tower.It requires two thirds margin to win.The low turnout could make it harder to reach the required margin. It is already too late to mail in the ballot and must be dropped off at Tulare County’s Elections office to count.

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