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NASA Lemoore Solar Plant Smaller Than Reported

November 9,2015-

TSolar NAS -10-30 at 6.21.07 AMhe proposed NAS Lemoore solar farm described here a few weeks ago will be big, but not as big as reported in our recent article. We reported the proposed project on military land in Kings County would produce 390MW of power and sit on at least 3000 acres.

The Navy in their environmental study did indicate this size project.

But now that the project study is done and a contract announcement with a private developer is pending next month, the Navy says they plan to award a contract to build a 150MW-DC solar farm that would be constructed on some 930 acres.

The plant would be the largest solar facility in Kings County and the largest solar farm next to an active runway.

The terms of a lease to a developer have not been announced.

“On Friday, 23 Oct., NAS Lemoore hosted an Industry Day where renewable energy developers visited the installation to meet with Navy officials and familiarize themselves with the proposed site.  The contractor proposals are due in early November, and the Navy expects to award the contract in December 2015.” says base spokesperson Marcelo “Marc” Calero.

We regret any confusion our earlier article may have caused.


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