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Dinuba Boosting Job Growth

Inks New Best Buy Online Sales Tax Sharing Deal

June 21,2017-

Dinuba has attracted a new company to town, continues to grow Ruiz Foods presence here and has inked a new sales tax sharing deal with Best Buy Electronic West Coast distribution center in town.

In the past few weeks, Presort Center, a printing and direct mail firm, has moved from Fresno to Dinuba after they purchased a long vacant packing house in the heart of town They are now operational with a local staff of around 40.

There is some good news at home-grown Ruiz Foods where the Mexican food maker is expanding non-manufacturing operations here adding more employee parking and building a new 12,000sf office says Dinuba City Manager Luis Patlan. The family-owned food maker completed their corporate office a few years ago and is adding office staff to back a nationwide expansion that continues in 2017.

Ruiz now has manufacturing facilities in Dinuba, in Texas and in South Carolina, where the company just announced plans to expand its workforce with a $79 million investment and an additional 700 new jobs, triple its workforce there. In Dinuba ,Ruiz Foods employs over 1000.

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 12.48.01 PMProbably the biggest news in town is that Best Buy Electronics, who has their West Coast distribution center in town has inked a new 45-year deal with the city to increase and stabilize the amount under a sales tax sharing agreement.  As their only West Coast base, Best Buy’s millions of dollars of online sales in the Western US are credited with having originated in Dinuba explains city manager Luis Patlan, giving the city a growing source of revenue.

Already that arrangement provides Dinuba with about $5 million in sales tax monies annually and is expected now to grow even more. Sales tax makes up 41% of the city’s General Fund revenues. Now a new deal stabilizes the amount and grows it as online sales grow. Above a certain amount the city and Best Buy share sales tax 50-50. Patlan says by next year, the city sales tax take from Best Buy is expected to reach $8 million.

Internet Sales Up 22%

In they most recent quarterly financial report Best Buy said domestic online comparable sales increased 22.5%, a huge jump.

An $8 million nugget every year should make a big impact in a town that as recently as 2014 had sales tax revenue of only $3.3 million from all sources.The city currently has a $13.5 million general fund budget.

Besides good news on their budget, the city will finally see those move-up homes sought by community leaders for years,come to pass.Ridge Creek Ranch is being developed by Woodside Homes near the muni golf course. The Fresno home builder is finally under construction on 107 lots with a model homes to open in July.

In addition, a vacant shopping center anchored by now empty Kmart and SaveMart, has been purchased and fast growing Fitness Evolution is remodeling space in the old Kmart.

The community is still waiting for any possible new industry to come into the former Coke-owned Odwalla plant now purchased by Fowler Packing who is using it only for cold storage. Dinuba lost 164 jobs when the plant closed last year.

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