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Around Tulare County… Mor Furniture Opening / Hospital News

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 8.24.08 PMMor Furniture Opening In Visalia

Another highly visible but empty property on Mooney is being filled up. We are talking about 3000 South Mooney Blvd that has been a car dealership for over 40 years since Ottmar Thomas days and a vacant  car dealership in more recent years. Now it will be the new home of Mor Furniture For Less who is buying the 4 acre property and plan to remodel both the front showroom building for their new furniture store  and the rear building into a furniture returns center where you can get  a deal on pre-owned goods.This is according to a plan filed with the city.
Mor Furniture already has a Visalia connection since its Valley distribution warehouse is in the industrial park. They have been looking for the right spot for a retail store here for several years.
A application with the city says they will add 12,110sf to the front building and 24,322sf to the rear building or about 60,000sf of furniture sales – likely the biggest offering in town.
Mor Furniture was launched in San Diego in 1977 as a water bed store (remember those?) where its corporate office still is.The retailer has 27 locations around the West.

Red Ink, Black Ink – Tale Of Two Hospitals

Two district hospitals only a dozen miles apart appear to be on remarkably different tracks.
Tulare Regional Medical Center has put out the “for lease” sign hiring a consultant firm this week to give them a “market value” for their facilities.Meanwhile their latest  financial snapshot reports nearly a $2 million loss for the first two months of this fiscal year through August.That continues a trend seen last year with a reported $8.1 million loss as of last May.This week TRMC reported some Tulare docs were choosing other hospitals to send their patients. The hospital reported a daily census in August of 44 compared to 53 patients in August 2012. Tulare Regional Medical Center CEO Shawn Bolouki some months ago let the community know their district will not last without a partner. No timetable yet on when such a “partner” might emerge.

Screen Shot 2013-09-24 at 12.30.43 PMAt Visalia’s Kaweah Delta’s Healthcare District the picture is one of growth,of welcoming a dozen new resident physicians this summer and its new status as a Level 3 Trauma Center, with a new helipad. The hospital’s Emergency Department  has over 80,000 annual patient visits. The financials for Kaweah Delta show by contrast to TRMC – a large “surplus” of funds.
Earlier this month CFO Gary Herbst released their semi-annual investment report showing that this institution has definitely bounced back from the recession with their surplus funds experiencing a 47% increase from 2010 to 2013, and the number of days cash on hand increasing 48% from 2010.
Herbst wrote that the increase in total surplus funds of $61.9 million from 2010 to 2013 are a result of its net income increasing $47.2 million over those years,charitable contributions of $9 million, debt retirement of some $19.2 million,a decrease of its property,plant and equipment expenses and an increase of its net accounts receivable of $8.3 million. One metric that is closely watched is “days cash on hand”  that has increased to166.6 days in June 2013 from 112.2 days in December 2010, the height of the recession.

Tulare County Leads On Obesity

Tulare County has a big problem.Too many of its residents are either obese or overweight says a  Community Needs Assessment of people in the Kaweah Delta Healthcare District comparing counties in the Valley. The study found that 31.10% of Tulare County adults were obese and 37.59% were overweight – both the highest percentage in the Central Valley.By comparison 23.25% of people in California are obese and 36.20% are overweight.  A 2010 study found that among children – Tulare County led again with 43.8% of them overweight compared to 38% in California. Kaweah Delta is working on ways to address this and high diabetes rates.

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