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Multi Million Dollar Cambria Restaurant Closes- Staff Laid Off

January 28,2016-

Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 6.24.01 AMCentrally Grown Inc., a multi-million dollar startup restaurant on the north end of Cambria has a great view, but as of now – nobody to enjoy it.That’s because after the first of the new year the place has been locked up tight. The company’s Facebook page says they plan to reopen January 21 – but a week later nothing is stirring.

Meanwhile Centrally Grown’s 800 telephone number has been disconnected with customers complaining that posting on their Facebook site is the only way to seek info.

Also this week the company flied a state required WARN notice that says Centrally Grown will be laying off 16 employees as of January 22.
The eatery has not updated its website or Facebook page leaving the enterprise without a workforce and a future very much in doubt.

One irritated customer vented on their Facebook page yesterday as follows. “I just received word that you guys will not be reopening. I booked my wedding with you back in July, paid my deposit & haven’t been able to successfully get ahold of anyone since. With no other way to get in touch (phone shut off, no response with emails) I have no choice but to post on here. I NEED MY DEPOSIT BACK! I am almost 4 months from my wedding date & now have to start from scratch. Beyond bad business…This shows a lack of human compassion. SHAME ON YOU!!”

The specialty market, casual café and bar, catering service and garden nursery owned by Dave Robertson, has been open about a year but has had startup troubles to say the least. Robertson paid nearly $2.5 million for the 3 acre property that overlooks the ocean along Highway 1. A year long construction period followed before it opened in Feb 2015.

In the interim the place’s food offerings has been at best a works in progress as seen in a number social media critiques.Lately more troubles surfaced.

The SLO Tribune detailed staff turnover in December, talk that has had the Cambria community buzzing.
“Robertson said some Centrally Grown employees were let go in a shift of priorities for the restaurant/bar/bakery/market and other retail departments. Other employees were downsized or fired, reducing the staff from a peak of more than 70, although many of those had not been working there full time.
Other employees apparently quit or walked off the job, as happened Saturday, Dec. 12.”

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