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Cal Poly Plans 1475 Bed Residential Project

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo is planning a 1475 bed residential complex, likely 5 stories tall, to be built on the parking lot along Grand Ave at the southern entrance to the campus.
Coming only weeks after Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong announced he would seek to grow the campus by 4000 to 5000 students over the next few years, the big project appears to demonstrate that the administration is determined to make it happen.
Facilities manager Joel Neel says the new complex could open in 2018 to be constructed on a design/build basis. This week’s announcement entitled Student Housing South was filed as a notice of preparation – an environmental document.
Neel says the campus currently has 6900 beds leaving the private sector to house the remaining population of the campus. All told – Cal Poly has almost 20,000 students.
The last major housing project built on campus was Poly Canyon Village that added 2660 beds and was completed in 2009.
The enlarged Cal Poly campus could enroll around 25,000 if Armstrong‘s vision is fulfilled.
Cal Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 6.41.01 AMPoly seeks to offer enough housing to accommodate students for  the first two years at the campus. Even with the this new construction the number of units would fall short of the future need.
The notice of preparation shows the construction of the residential complex on 12 acres now used as a major parking lot along Grand Ave near the athletic track. The notice says besides the residential dorm there would be a parking structure for as many as 500 cars.

Poly Canyon Village

Poly Canyon Village

Neel says to help power the building the college would likely build another co-gen facility as they did at Poly Canyon.

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