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Surfs Up In Lemoore


surfing in Lemoore

surfing in Lemoore

Cowabunga!!! 11-time world surfing champ Kelly Slater’s Lemoore surf park is already a fixture in these parts attracting invited surfers to try out his wave machine here in the middle of cow country. Slater bought the 20 acre property outside of town in 2014. It included a man-made lake, 700 yards long and 70 yards wide, originally built for water-skiing that has been been turned into a private water park to simulate the real thing. Who cares that it is 110 miles from the beach. Surf crazy social media have been buzzing ever since with plenty of amped up videos of the action on-line. Now the buzz is that Slater plans to tweak the waves to make them better and more varied.So far the surf park is not open to the public (it is surrounded by a fence) although he and his investors are planning one in Florida using the same technology.
Here in Kings County a new $2.2 million building permit has been issued on 3/14/17 by the county for installation of more wave technology (wave dampers) that suggests something is definitely cooking. That would bring the total to $6.5 million invested so far, not including the property, according to the public record.

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