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Long Awaited Kettleman Water Project To Start

June 28,2017-

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.19.25 PMConsidered key to getting clean drinking water to the large low-income population of Kettleman City as well as finally allowing commercial expansion in this I-5 town, there is good news to report this month on their new water treatment plant.

The treatment plant, pulling surface water from the California Aqueduct, should fix what has been an explosive issue of babies in this Westside town, continuing to drink tainted water high in arsenic, benzene and nitrates.

The Kings County BOS heard a report this week that the Kettleman City Community Service District has just awarded a construction contract as of June 20, to build a surface water treatment plant to be completed by the winter of 2018. The county has received two grants to build the complex including $8.5 million from the state and $2.4 million from USDA. Residents have been receiving  bottled water at a cost of $10,000 a month, set to expire as of now. New funding is being solicited to continue the program until construction is done. The county has been working on a solution for the tainted well-water problem here since 2004.

Residents and activists have blamed the bad water for health concerns in the community including birth defects although they also blame the Chemical Waste Management facility. The water project is intertwined with Chemical Waste Management’s effort to get a new operating permit, now secured, with WM agreeing to pay-down the debt of the CSD in return.

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