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Gas Price Watch: Still Falling

California average gas prices continue to fall approaching mid-July to $3.65 per gallon, down from $4.35 in mid-May. Some stations in the state are as selling as low as $3.33 this wee with the lowest prices in our reading area as follows:

SLO:Costco $3.67. Bakersfield:$3.49 at FoodsCo.Tulare:$3.54 at Super Stop. Visalia:$3.58 at Costco.Hanford: $3.53 at Chevron.  Fresno:$3.45 at Fast Trip. Info courtesy Gas Buddy.

The July 9 California Energy Commission gasoline report says: Still holding the downward trend, falling for a seventh week, Regular is lower then the previous week. Dropping several cents, over last weeks price.

The average price in California for regular gasoline decreased 15.4-cents from the previous week. The average statewide price for regular was $3.733. Mid-grade and premium prices decreased as well.
The national average for self-serve regular is at $3.411, down 2.6 cents from the previous week.This is 32.2 cents lower than the price of regular in California.


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