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New Groundwater Basin Near Pixley Could Help Recharge

April 19,2017-

Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 6.49.56 AM

NASA map shows sinking land

One of the areas in the Central Valley hard hit by ground subsidence will gain some help soon with a major recharge project in the Pixley area. A NASA sartidelte map shows the Pixley area near Corcoran, impacted by sinking lands due to farm water pumping in dry years.
The San Joaquin River Restoration Program has released for public review a Draft Environmental Assessment/Initial Study for a new groundwater recharge banking project in Tulare County.
The proposed project includes constructing an 800-acre groundwater recharge basin, installing a 4.5 mile pipeline connecting the new recharge basin to the Friant-Kern Canal and installing 16 groundwater recovery wells within the Pixley Irrigation District. These actions would allow the Pixley and Delano-Earlimart Irrigation districts to expand groundwater recharge efforts and improve groundwater levels. The proposed project also would contribute to the San Joaquin River Restoration Program goal of reducing or avoiding adverse water supply impacts to Friant Division long-term contractor

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