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Eggs & Psyllids


Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.02.46 AMUSDA says California’s egg production during October totaled 375 million, up 20 million from September production and down 43 million from October 2013. The average number of layers during the month totaled 15.6 million,down 0.2 million from last month, and down 11 percent from October 2014. Eggs per 100 layers during the month were 2,408, compared to 2,251 a month earlier and 2,394 in October 2013.

Looking to the latest numbers the website Egg-Cite notes that an “unprecedented run-up in prices through mid-December predictably softened during the past week. The two largest sizes were down by 12 percent in price and Mediums by 9 percent.
Higher prices did not dampen XMAS sales that were up 13% for the week ending December 19.

“California compliant” eggs were shipped to the state at a considerable premium over Midwest commodity prices and no shortage is expected as the new law on hen comfort goes into effect tomorrow.

More Psyllids In Tulare County – Near Kingsburg

Tulare County Ag Commissioner Marilyn Kinoshita says “we had 3 adult psyllids show up on one trap on Avenue 400 near Kingsburg. The delimitation area will include a portion of Fresno County. CDFA will survey the area and arrange treatments of residential properties.”

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