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California Feld Crop Acreage Up

The state’s farmers have apparently recovered from the drought planting significantly more land to field crops this year.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 11.56.43 AMCalifornia farmers are planting more field crops this year than last in almost all categories.USDA’s Mid-year report say barley plantings  are up 20%, the corn harvest is expected to be up 25%, cotton acreage is higher led by Pima -up 32% and Upland up 17%. Alfalfa hay acreage is up 10%,rice acres are up 33%, safflower acres are down 5%,while sugar beets are up 1%. Sunflower acres are up 32% while sweet potato plantings  increased by 5%. Duram wheat acres continue a down trend  at 25% while other wheat varieties are up 5%. Oats are down 8%.


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