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Bad News – Good News For Dairy Operators

Milk Powder Price Tanks

NFDM price are in the tank this July with a low of around 70 cents lb. That is down almost two-thirds from January 2014 when the same commodity was selling for over $2 lb.
Late last year it was $1.75. The downturn in prices is reminiscent of 2009 when a world financial slump helped take down world diary prices below the red ink level. This summer international dairy prices have hit a six-year low as demand for milk powder from major buyers – particularly China, continue to fall even as supply is expected to grow.
California co-ops including CDI in Visalia sell a huge amount of powder on the world market.

Corn Futures Take A Dive

Screen Shot 2015-07-27 at 7.46.41 AMGood news for dairy and livestock operators.
US corn futures are lower based on by good weather for crop development across the US corn belt. Prices have fallen from over $4.50 in mid month to below $3.80 Monday morning (Sept futures).

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