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Ag Beat: Milk Powder Price Down / Raisins Up

Milk Powder Prices Fall

Screen Shot 2017-11-08 at 2.14.55 PMCentral Valley dairies produce tons of milk powder for export. But this month prices are down for nonfat dry milk with spot prices down to 72 cents per pound, the lowest value in 18 months say market analysts.One of our biggest destinations is Mexico but both Europe and Canada are grabbing some of the U.S.
marketshare south of the border. U.S. NDM exports in September dropped to 88.7 million pounds, down 19.5% from a year ago and the lowest monthly volume since February 2015.

Visalia-based California Dairies manufactures 724 million pounds  of milk powder or 42 percent of the milk powder produced in the United States marketed by Dairy America (pictured).

Raisin Farmers Cheer Better Price

Last month the Raisin Bargaining Association and the Central Valley’s major packers agreed to a 2017 price of $1,800 per ton for natural seedless raisins.That is up from $1100 per ton they got in 2016. Helping to boost prices is what appears to be a low yield for this years crop, down about a third.

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