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Energy Briefs

Kaweah River Could Get 1MW  Hydro Facility

Florida-based Archon Energy has filed an application Oct 18 with  the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to build a 1MW hydroelectric facility  on the Kaweah River, 4.7 miles east of  Woodlake.

Visalia Could Earn $96k Annually From Sales Of Carbon Credits

The Visalia City Council approved authorizing the City to amend a contract with Trillium CNG to facilitate participation in the Low Carbon Fuel Standard Program and assist in selling carbon credits associated with the Compressed Natural Gas fueling facility.
An amendment calls for Trillium to retain 20 percent of any credits sold, and the anticipated annual revenue from the sales of credits is $96,000. The term of this contract is six months with two three-month extensions. Funds generated from the contract will be deposited in the Transit Fund.

Screen Shot 2013-10-27 at 8.16.34 AMVisalia Co Technology Adopted

VISALIA, Calif.  October 23, 2013 – Edeniq, Inc., a biomaterials and sustainable fuels company, today announced that Flint Hills Resources Renewables, LLC, a leading U.S. ethanol producer, will expand its use of Edeniq’s Cellunator™ proprietary technology. Flint Hills has confirmed that the Cellunators™ have achieved the desired increase in ethanol production at its Fairbank, Iowa facility and the company will install Cellunators™ at two additional locations.
“Edeniq’s Cellunators™ have met our expectations at our Fairbank plant and we’re looking forward to expanding the applications to two of our other locations,” said Jeremy Bezdek, Managing Director of Innovation for Flint Hills Resources. “Edeniq technologies have helped improve our competitive position in the marketplace.”
Edeniq’s Cellunator™ enables ethanol plants to mill corn and other plant materials into a well-mixed slurry of small, uniformly-sized feedstock that can be more easily converted into sugars needed to produce biofuels and other biomaterials.

Flint Hills has been an investor in Edeniq since April 2012 and a customer since July 2011.

IEA: Wind to generate 18% of global power by 2050
WORLDWIDE: Wind power could account for 18% of the world’s electricity generation by 2050 compared with just 2.5% today, according to a new report from the International Energy Agency (IEA).

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