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Tulare In New Battle With Matheny Tract, Over Plans For Sewer

August 24,2016-

community gets  water

community gets water

The City of Tulare is refusing to cooperate with a County plan to use grant funds to do a design for a sewer that would be hooked up to Tulare sewer system.The City has rejected pleas from attorneys for Matheny Tract that they abide by what they was an agreement in place based on an annexation of land near the tract. The agreement was overseen by LAFCO. The dustup is reminiscent of the years of battle over extension of city water to the same low income community – only ending after the state stepped in to force Tulare to allow it and after Matheny Tract lawyers sued in court. Sources say the County is about to lose grant funding for the design work because the City refuses to issue a “will serve” letter.
Now Matheny Tract attorneys may have to head back to court to get this to happen. Sources say City Manager Don Dorman,who steps down September 3, has been a key player in the face off.

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