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Kings Updates: Hyperloop and High Speed Rail Bridge

Hyperloop Update – Not Just Yet

It has been over a year since Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has filed its initial plan to build a 5 mile test track along I-5 in Kings County.The track will test the viability of a technology that promises to speed passengers in a tube at 700mph.

Despite delays, company CEO Bibop Gresta has told media the all paperwork has now been filed with county officials. County planner Chuck Kinney confirms the latest filing but says the draft environmental document is not yet complete with Kings County Community Development yet to reply to comment to the applicant on their plan.

This all will take some more time before a draft document on the project is ready for public review. ”It’s a good estimate to say it could be three months until the planning commission gets the plan” says Kinney.

That puts the start of any construction until later in 2017 at the earliest.

Elevated High Speed Rail Track Will Bridge Tule River Near Corcoran

A community forum held in Corcoran February 8 showed renderings of how the planned passenger train project will come through the Corcoran area on elevated track designed to minimize impacts on surrounding property and eat up less right-of-way. One such viaduct or bridge overpass is planned to cross the Tule River near Corcoran close to the Tulare /Kings county line. The structure (pictured) designed by contractor Dragados/Flatiron, would accommodate high speed rail at the top level of the viaduct with BNSF freight traffic at-grade as well as Highway 43 traffic – all spanning the Tule River.

Tule River Bridge

Tule River Bridge

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