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High Speed Rail Set To Acquire More Property

August 31,2014
Screen Shot 2014-08-31 at 12.46.53 PMThe California State Public Works Board is set to approve another round of property purchases September 12 in Fresno County needed by the California High Speed Rail Authority  to begin rail  construction.The properties – mostly just west of Downtown – will be acquired through eminent domain. The acquisition would follow a larger list of properties acquired at the last meeting of the state board.
Included on the list are Sun Maid Furniture at 1152 G St in Fresno (pictured), the Singh property at 5265 State St, the Piligard property at 1068 G St (pictured), the Murray property at 602 F St, and the BDHOV property at 5425 N Golden State. The board will also consider rescinding a previous request to acquire by eminent domain the – Bazerkanian Property in Fresno County.

Also this week road closures in Fresno were announced along G Street between Kern and Tulare Streets in Fresno starting September 2 until Friday, October, 10, 2014. Road closures are in place as part of abatement and demolition activities associated with Del Monte Building.The old structure caught fire in July. All these actions are supporting the pre-construction activities along a 29 mile stretch between Fresno and Madera.

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