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5 Mile Hyperloop Test Track To Be Built Along I-5

February 26,2015

Construction Next Year Will Be In Proposed New Town In Kings County

On the heels of announcing a public offering and Elon Musk’s offer to build an open source test track in Texas, JumpStartFund’s Hyperloop Transportation Technologies has announced a formal agreement with the developers of Quay Valley, California in Kings County to develop an installation of the Hyperloop along a five-mile stretch of a proposed new town running alongside the Interstate 5 freeway. With construction beginning in 2016, this will be the first working passenger-ready Hyperloop in an urban area.

Only this week we reported that the proposed new town had resurfaced from 2008 when the project was mothballed with an application for a general plan amendment and zone change on 7500 acres of open ground south of Kettleman City on I-5. The application will be heard by the Kings County Board of Supervisors.


Launching the future in Kings County

Launching the future in Kings County

“With Quay Valley, we’re creating a community built on economical, environmental and social sustainability, and part of this is seeking to reduce car dependency,” said Quay Hays, CEO of GROW Holdings, Inc., the master developer of Quay Valley. “For these reasons, the Hyperloop is the ideal clean community transit system for Quay Valley.”

The idea apparently is that you will be able to ride the tube to work from a residence on one end the town to work or shopping located 5 miles down I-5.

But the ride may attract curious tourists ready to pay like at a theme park as well.

Demonstrating The Technology

“Our agreement with Quay Valley is a major milestone in the advancement of the Hyperloop project,” said Hyperloop Transportation Technologies CEO Dirk Ahlborn. “This installation will allow us to demonstrate all systems on a full scale and immediately begin generating revenues for our shareholders through actual operations.”

The Quay Valley Hyperloop track will be built using HTT’s tube, capsule, and station models. It will be instrumental in optimizing passenger system needs–such as loading, departure and safety considerations–to ensure Hyperloop is ready for larger-scale operation. Running speed will be reduced on the shortened track from Hyperloop’s full potential.

Sources say the tube will run 200mph rather than the 760mph as foreseen by Musk. Still, a lot faster than Mr Toads Wild Ride.

The Hyperloop, also called the 5th mode of transportation, allows a capsule with 28 people to travel through a tube with a low pressure environment of 100pa at 760mph. Similar to an airplane in very high altitudes but on the ground.

The Hyperloop is the idea of Tesla Motors founder Musk, who has promoted a vision for transporting people at high speeds in a capsules that will be pushed through a series of tubes laid over thousands of miles – theoretically connecting LA to SF. Now a El Segundo start-up group wants to move forward on the concept in California. They picked the Central Valley in the middle of the state to do it ,not unlike high speed rail who has faced criticism that theirs is a “train to nowhere.”

In this case this stretch of I-5 is literally in the middle of nowhere. But founder Quay Hays dreams big with the wide open spaces allowing him him to plan a new town from scratch.

IPO Planned

In the past two years, JumpStartFund assembled a team of nearly 200 core team professionals who have worked to bring the Hyperloop to reality by  completing extensive technological and financial feasibility studies. On February 13, 2015 Hyperloop Transportation Technologies announced the company was moving towards a public offering near the end of 2015. The offering is planned to be an auction with the goal of raising $100 million.

About Quay Valley
Quay Valley is located on 7,500 acres directly between Los Angeles and San Francisco along California’s Interstate 5 Freeway.  What they call a sustainable model town for the 21st century, Quay Valley will be  built to  the highest levels of green design standards and resource conservation. “Quay Valley will be a 100 percent solar-powered, self-sustaining residential community of 25,000 homes that incorporates cutting-edge technology into a retail, education, entertainment and hospitality infrastructure, generates thousands of jobs, and strengthens the Central Valley’s economy –all while protecting the natural resources and beauty of the land. “

Hays has predicted public hearings on the new town in as soon as six months. He says his vision is to launch the project with an influx of new jobs. Certainly now – he has got the publicity.

About Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, Inc.
Founded by JumpStarter Inc. utilizing JumpStarter’s crowdfunding and crowd collaboration platform JumpStartFund, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HTT) is poised and ready to begin construction on one of the largest transportation endeavors in history.

Hyperloop first gained public interest when entrepreneur Elon Musk  published a detailed white paper describing a futuristic mode of transport that would transport folks from LA to San Francisco in about thirty minutes. Mr. Musk handed the concept to the public asking for
entrepreneurs to take over its development while he focused on his existing projects. Hyperloop Transportation Technologies say they rose to the challenge.

HTT is headed by CEO, Dirk Ahlborn and is comprised of a unique and collaborative core team of over 170 experts and engineers who are working around the clock to ensure the safety, feasibility and reliability of Hyperloop as a viable means of transport in the 21st century.

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