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Morro Bay Talking To Wave Energy Firm

UPDATE: After our story appeared the SLO Tribune interviewed the representative Eric Markell of the Seattle-based company.They are called Trident Winds LLC and they are planning to erect 100 wave power turbines in Estero Bay.Stay tuned for more……

September 11,2015-

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 8.11.05 AMThe City of Morro Bay is talking to an unnamed wave energy firm about the potential leasing of the former Dynegy outfall property next to Morro Rock. Harbor Director Eric Endersby says the property consists of a pipeline that connects back to shore under the beach and sand dunes to the idled Morro Bay power plant. Its potential use would be to run a cable to connect to the  PG&E-owned substation to the rear of power plant.

Endersby says this is one of two underwater connection pipes to the power plant with the second one being nearby, nw of the rock, a 6 inch diameter pipe that can be accessed by boat at a bouy to make a connection.Both lines were designed to bring in oil to run the plant that was later converted to natural gas.

The two pipelines are well maintained and can be used if necessary says Endersby.

Talks between the city and the wave company represented by a Seattle based consultant are behind closed doors.

The city has joined local fishermen in expressing concerns over where offshore the wave energy firm looks to install their wave energy devices so as not to interfere with fishing.FERC has given the Estero Bay project permission to apply for a permit.

If the wave project were to move forward it is likely they would use the power plant facility itself. Dynegy has the 14 acre property for sale and says in financial filings they hope to repurpose it.

Endersby says if the plan moves forward there will be a “robust process of public input.”

California has mandated as much as 50% of future energy come from renewable sources.

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