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On September 30, 2013 the Los Osos Community Advisory Council met in a special meeting to consider and vote on the McDonald’s project that would be located in the shopping center anchored by Vons on Los Osos Valley Rd.

In a letter dated October 28 to the county – the advisory group  – who has been wrestling with the fast food company’s application – said  earlier reviews by the LOCAC Land Use Committee and the full Council did not come up with a determination.That prompted this special meeting.

“We felt that the application was not complete and that more information was necessary for us to make a recommendation on this project “said the letter signed Vicki Milledge, chairperson.

But with the information at hand – the Council voted  5-3-0 to recommend that the project be approved, surprising some who thought ‘Mickey D’s’ would get a thumbs down.

A noisy  town meeting earlier this summer was attended by about  100 people ,many of who loudly criticized the company.

Despite the LOCAC favorable vote – the Oct 28 letter continues about misgivings about the eatery.

“That being said, we have serious concerns regarding its potential impact on our community. They are as follows.

Water Use:
• We request that there be water use offsets to the greatest extent required.
• We request clarification of the projected water use if the Cad’s location is used again. If this happened, we are concerned about the effect on the water use
calculations. We request that County staff address this potential over-use of our water.
• Even though the applicant is not responsible for the current water usage, we remain concerned about the apparently excessive water use in the complex at this time.
We request that all the water use calculations be verified by County staff.
• We request that County staff verify that there will not be material negative traffic impacts.”

Clearly the town is divided on the matter with supporters pointing to a large amount of vacant commercial space in the community and opponents arguing that McDonald’s will hurt the local restaurants already here.The restaurant  with drive-thru who take the spot vacated  some years ago by Bank of America.

Water use appears to be a key issue with the applicant pointing to its Morro Bay location’s

Morro Bay McDonalds

Morro Bay McDonalds

water use for comparison.

County planner Kerry Brown says an environmental initial study should be ready to post on the project’s impacts in about a month, the first step before the decision makers, the Board of Supervisors,  have the final word sometime next year.


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