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Fast Growing Firestone Walker Brewery Adding New Tanks

beer has a local flavor

In the middle of wine country a home grown brewer continues to add new capacity.

Firestone Walker brewery in Paso Robles is adding 8 new production tanks for beer with the tanks having been shipped in from Germany. The tanks being installed now should be ready for use by Labor Day says co owner Adam Firestone.

“The new tanks will initially just make the brewing operations less tight and cramped. Capacity is more a function of the brewhouse than the fermentation tanks and bright tanks, which come later in the brewing process. All of the wort (unfermented beer) is produced in the brewhouse before going to the tanks.”
The new brewhouse was completed last fall. The new brewhouse allows for growth over a long period of time; prior to that, the original brewhouse was pretty much maxed out say Firestone.
“The brewery has been growing since day one, it’s just a steady evolution.” Founded in1996 the brewery relocated from Santa Barbara in 2001 and is now one of the top craft brewers in the state.
According to their website “The brewery was founded by the Firestones of Firestone Vineyards fame. While the family is no longer involved with their namesake winery, they are completely involved in making the widely renowned beers of Firestone Walker.
Begun as a small local brewery in1996, Firestone Walker quickly gained nationwide acclaim. Now one of the top 30 or so largest craft breweries in the country, it has been named a national brewery of the year three different times, most recently in April 2010 at the prestigious World Beer Cup competition.”
The co-founder says 60% of Firestone beer is still consumed within the Central Coast despite its expanding popularity elsewhere.
Expansion in Paso Robles appears to be on going with 2 brewhouses now and plans for a third one soon.
One of the fastest growing Firestone brands at the supermarket is 805,named for the local area codes and a beer that naturally appeals to locals.

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