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El Nino Or La Nada? Early March Storms Look Promising

February 26,2016-

The latest computer models (GFS) show a series of storms coming into the state overcoming ‘The Blob’ of high pressure – first northern California and then central California in March after a pitifully dry February and a wet January. Forecaster John Lindsey predicts the Central Coast  could get a quarter  to half an inch March 3 – with NWS Hanford also predicting the Central Valley will get wet too. That event is  followed by stronger storms March 6 and 7 and March 11 and 12 according to less reliable long term forecasts. Northern California  will get two weak rain events this Saturday and next Monday. Pray for March Miracle.

Map: We could get a good dose March 6/7 says this NOAA model forecast about 10 days away.

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 6.33.08 AM

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