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After 33 Years Of Debate Los Osos Sewer Project Begins Service March 28

March 25,2016-

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 10.07.15 AMMost of the homes in Los Osos – adjacent the Morro Bay estuary  -are on septic. It comes as no surprise that the estuary has been impacted by the flow of human waste. Since 1983 the Central Coast Regional Water Quality Control Board demanded the community stop the flow of nitrates into the Bay that teams with wildlife. A building moratorium on any new septic systems (homes) went into effect in 1989. Then the real fights started over the costs, which kind of system and where a modern sewer plant should be located. Controversy and lawsuits, recalls and a CSD bankruptcy followed – exhausting the electorate.

But now – 33 years after the problem was placed clearly on the table this community of 15,000 will have a sewer to hook up to with service beginning March 28.
As this is written homes are being hooked up as a small army of contractors are charging homeowners around $2500 and up to do the work.The average house will pay $1,080 of assessment and about $165 a month for service says the County who is in charge of the project.

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