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Around SLO County

March 9,2017-

United Will Fly SLO To Denver

Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 2.03.22 PMUnited Airlines announced an expansion of air services in multiple markets early this month including a new once daily flight between Sam Luis Obispo and Denver. The new flight will be launched June 8. The news is being greeted with yahoos in SLO where the business community has long sought this east-west route.
In total, United is adding 47 new daily round trips to its domestic schedule. The flights will be on a variety of mainline and regional jets that will add nearly 8,700 additional seats per day and approximately 90,000 new flight miles. These flights are now available for purchase with domestic service beginning as early as June 8. United is said to want to keep up with industry leader Delta as the travel market adds more flights.

How To Predict A Wet Winter

Forecaster John Lindsey says a study of Atascadero weather can predict a wet winter. …“when the Atascadero area received more than 2 inches of precipitation during October, the rest of the rain season — which runs through June 30 of the following year — was higher than normal.” This year held true with the pattern.

Marine Sanctuary?

SLO County board of supervisors have opposed the proposed  Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary by a 3 to 2 vote suggesting they would support Congressman Salud Carbajal’s plan to ban oil drilling off the Central Coast. Fishing interests fear the marine sanctuary will further restrict their fishing grounds.

Chumash Oppose Cayucos Sewer Plan

Cayucos Sanitary District wants to build a new waste water treatment plant in the Toro Creek Rd valley between Cayucos and Morro Bay. But a terse note from Fred Collins, Chumash official throws cold water on the idea. “The Cultural Recourse in this area are extremely high and the Chumash NaOon will not allow a sewer plant on our Sacred Sites, we will fight this one with every breath we take, no one came to us for one on one consultaOon, this is not good, we could have told you that we will not allow a sewer plant on a Sacred Site.”
The plan calls for construction of a water resource recovery facility for wastewater treatment to a tertiary treatment level. The site development is 8 acres including a solar array. The project includes pipeline infrastructure installed in local street and SR 1 rights of way in the county and city of Morro Bay. The treated water will be conveyed to an existing permitted ocean outfall in Morro Bay and approximately 40 AFY of tertiary water will be available for agriculture. Phase 2 of the project is construction of a treated water pipeline to CSA 10 water facility in Cayucos. Water delivery is not part of this project.

State Studies Campground At Piedras Blancas

The project will develop initial, conceptual plans and studies for a potential campground at the former Piedras Blancas Motel property.

Developer of San Luis Ranch Publishes Specific Plan EIR

The San Luis Ranch Project consists of a specific plan, general plan amendment/pre-zoning, and development plan/tentative tract map for a 131 acre project site, including annexation of the site into the city of San Luis Obispo. Formerly the Dalidio property, the project is intended to be consistent with the development parameters described in the city’s land use and circulation element (adopted in December 2014). The project includes construction of up to 580 residential units, 150,000 sf of commercial development, 100,000 sf of office development, and a 200-room hotel, with a portion of the site preserved for agriculture and open space uses. The project is planned to be constructed in six phases.

SLO City: Avila Ranch Plan Recirculated

Recirculated plan: The project involves the adoption of the Avila Ranch development plan, including an amendment to the Airport Area specific plan, a rezone, and related actions to permit a mix of residential uses (68.23 acres), neighborhood commercial (3.34 acres), and open space/park uses (71.30 acres). The project would result in construction of approximately 720 residential units. The project would also include 15,000 sf of leasable neighborhood commercial space concentrated in the eastern portion of the project site in a proposed town center. It is anticipated that the town center would provide small offices, retail shops, and service uses.

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