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When the Going Gets Better…We Better Go On Vacation

Whats a good barometer for how the economy is doing? How about Hawaii travel stats dependent on visitors’ own local economies to sustain its own. So how is the global economy?  Well for starters there was a 21% increase in visitors to Hawaii from developing markets around the world.

The numbers are in for 2012 and Hawaii total visitor spending was $14.3 billion and visitor arrivals the highest of any year. Growth in total visitor expenditures and arrivals in every month of the year elevated annual 2012 total visitor expenditures to a record $14.3 billion, according to preliminary statistics released by the Hawai‘i Tourism Authority.

A record 7,998,815 total visitors (+9.6%) came to the state in 2012, exceeding the previous high of 7,628,118 visitors in 2006.
For the month of December 2012, total visitor expenditures rose 14.9 percent (or +$184.6 million) to $1.4 billion, boosted by higher daily spending (+9.4% to $194 per person) and a 6.3 percent growth in total arrivals (to 733,709 visitors).

Annual 2012 Show US West Coast Travel Spending Up 12%

There were strong increases in total visitor expenditures from U.S. West (+12.2% to $4.6 billion), U.S. East (+9.9% to $3.4 billion), Japan (+21.7% to $2.6 billion), Canada (+9.8% to $995 million) and All Other markets (+50.7% to $2.6 billion).
Arrivals among the top visitor markets exceeded 2011: U.S. West (+6.7% to 3,194,975), U.S. East (+3.5% to 1,699,124), Japan (+17% to 1,452,563) and Canada (+4.3% to 498,241).
A total of 992,291 visitors arrived from developing markets, up 21.3 percent from 2011.
Total visitor expenditures and arrivals by air for the four larger Hawaiian Islands increased from 2011: O‘ahu (+18.7% to $7.4 billion; +11.1% to 4,891,540); Maui (+18.8% to $3.6 billion; +5.9% to 2,295,867); Hawai‘i Island (+17.7% to $1.7 billion; +8.8% to 1,434,271); and Kaua‘i (+20.1% to $1.4 billion; +7.3% to 1,084,868).
A total of 283,293 visitors came by cruise ship or by air to board cruise ships, up 16.1 percent compared to 2011. Visitor days for all cruise ship visitors rose 7.5 percent from the previous year.

Disney Theme Parks

California’s Disneyland attracted more visitors in 2012 as well.For the latest quarter Disney reported their parks and resorts business enjoyed the highest revenue growth at the company, rising 9% to $3.4 billion. Operating income climbed 18% to $497 million. Disney dumped $1 billion into its lagging California Adventure Park and it has paid off  in higher attendance.

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