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Golden State News Nuggets

January 31,2015

Rainfall totals through February 9

Rainfall totals through February 9

Significant Rain For Northern California

What’s going on with February rainfall for California? Forecasts using weather models predict some significant period for rain for Northern California starting around the 6th. But most of it stays above SF Bay and Tahoe.
Still it is an impressive rain total around Shasta, our largest reservoir , 5 to 7 inches between now and February 9th.Some parts get 20 inches ? Does not help the ski resorts.

Not Eggsactly

California complaint eggs are indeed costing you more but allowing the chickens to stretch their legs. The latest snapshot is that the cost of extra large eggs delivered to stores in California is 134% more than extra large 12 pack delivered to New York says USDA. Eggs delivered to NY cost an average of $1.40 a dozen compared to$3.28 here. Your price at the supermarket is over $5 for those dozen eye openers. Experts predict a moderation in price .

Who Is Selling All That Wine ? Costco!

Issaquah, Washington-based Costco sold $3.7 billion worth of alcoholic beverages in 2013 to its 75 million members. Costco has 11 alcohol buyers, each of whom buys beer, wine, and spirits for about 60 stores. The typical Costco store has 2,500 to 3,000 customers a day. Costco aims to sell about two-thirds US and a third imported wine, and marks wines up less than 15 percent. A third of the beer sold at Costco is craft beer. Kirkland Signature is a label developed in 1995, applied to wine in 2003, and now represents 20 percent of Costco wine sales.
from Rural Migration News

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