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Finally California poised to get wet January 3-12

December 29,2017-
GFS as well as European and the Canadian counterpart weather models agree for a change – California is poised to get wet from Wednesday January 3 through at least the 12th.

That’s a Happy New Year surprise!

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 6.18.08 AMHere is one snapshot showing wet weather across much of the state  January 7, one in a series of mostly warmer storms that swirl into California adding colder fronts from the north as the storm door finally opens.

With just five days out, the forecasts are more reliable than looking beyond a week say experts.

December 2017 has been  a disastrously dry month across the state setting up fears that high pressure will continue to keep storms to our north and south.

Statewide the water index for December 29 stands at 71% of average for northern California (due to a wet November), 40% for the San Joaquin index and 25% for the Tulare Basin.

San Luis Obispo stands at just 16% of average precipitation and Los Angles is at 6% of average so far this water year. A good week long soaking should help douse what is left of those winter wildfires in southern California although now we may turn to concerns over mud.

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