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Confidence Builds For Wet First Half Of March / 10,000 Acres Of Almond Trees Pulled

February 29,2016-
Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 6.25.34 AMNWS Hanford is predicting an atmospheric river event next weekend as confidence is building that El Nino wet weather will kick during the first half of March. The pattern change comes after February rain fizzled out over most of the state. Rain totals of over 12 inches over Shasta reservoir could fall in the the next two weeks says the latest weather models (see map) giving hope to Central Valley farmers that their summer water allocations may improve as the month progresses. Storms are expected to blanket the entire state as the jet stream plunges south from its current position bringing wet cold weather to the drought-starved Central Valley and Central Coast and Southern California with back to back vigorous storms.
Paramount Farms Will Pull 10,000 Acres Of AlmondsThe state’s largest almond grower Paramount Farms,doing business as Wonderful Orchards, will pull 10,000 acres of almond trees adding that both the drought and market conditions prompted the change in course. Almond prices that hit the stratosphere in the past year have dropped  by around 40% more recently.  Press reports say”a farmer who could sell a pound of almonds for nearly $5 last summer is now getting as little as $3.10.” Weak overseas demand along with massive planting of new trees in recent years along with the drought may be behind Paramount’s decision. Kern county’s almond plamtings plantings have gone from 148,595 acres in 2014 to 208,250 acres in 2015.

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