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What Drought? State Tomato Production To Climb 17.6%

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May 26,2014

What Drought? California Tomato Growers Expect To Increase Production 17.6% This Year

California tomato processors say they contracted with the state’s tomato growers for 14 million tons of processing tomatoes in 2014, up 17.6% over last year. They are doing that by planting 285,000 acres statewide compared 259,000 acres last year. The 2014 acreage is the highest since 2009.
Is not the drought cutting plantings? It is in hard hit Fresno County with plantings in 2014 at 90,000 acres compared 98,000 acres in 2013 USDA says. Next door in Kings County – acreage will climb this year from 26,000 to 32,000. It will also climb in better watered  north Valley counties like Colusa,Merced,San Joaquin,Yolo and Sutter.

Walnut Acreage Up 8% Statewide

USDA reports that nonbearing acreage of walnuts climbed 10,000 acres in the past year to brining total walnut acreage to 325,000 acres in 2013.That is up 8%.
San Joaquin County remains the top walnut producing county with 37,074 acres of which 4204 acres are nonbearing,new trees yet to produce. Tulare County is number three statewide with 27,094 acres including 2232 acres listed as nonbearing.
The USDA reports record per-acre return in 2012 of $3,030 per ton.

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