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Ag Briefs; HLB / Lake Kaweah Filling / More

New Case Of HLB Found

The dreaded citrus disease Huanglongbing (HLB) was confirmed in a single citrus tree in the city of La Habra in Orange County on April 11. This new find by CDFA will result in a new HLB quarantine area, which will link the existing quarantines into a contiguous zone spanning portions of Los Angeles and Orange counties.
Additionally, two samples of Asian citrus psyllids in Anaheim tested positive for carrying the bacteria that causes HLB. On April 8, intensive survey resulted in the detection of another diseased tree in the HLB core area of San Gabriel; another two positive trees in San Gabriel were confirmed April 11. The total number of diseased citrus trees detected in California is now at 53.
The detection of HLB in a La Habra citrus tree is alarming, as are the samples of Asian citrus psyllids from Anaheim that were found to be carrying the bacteria that causes HLB. So far, it is contained to urban pockets of Southern California. Not a single commercial citrus tree has been lost to the disease. Florida is left with a fraction of production after battling HLB for more than a decade.
No Rain In Next 2 Weeks

Weather models are backing off any hint the center of the state will get wet in the next two weeks through first week of May. That could be it for the rainiest winter in years.

Kaweah Lake Filling Fast

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Terminus Reservoir will fill up from here-on after the first week of April to reach its capacity- 185,000af, this summer for a great irrigation and recreation season. Watermaster Mark Larsen says the Corps stopped flood releases recently, confident they can handle the snowmelt that is coming. April to July runoff is expected to be 186% of average at 520,000 acre feet.

Sultana Gets Greenhouse Fabric Supplier

Green-Tek, Inc is setting up a manufacturing and sales facility of greenhouse components, on a 3.79-acre parcel in the AE-20 (Exclusive Agricultural 20 acre minimum) Zone near Sultana.The company offers best in-class polycarbonate sheeting, hightech UV stabilized greenhouse film, light filtering shade nets, fans, fertilizer injectors. Green-Tek, Inc. says they are a leading converter, fabricator and master distributor of greenhouse coverings and components, thermal glazing and plastic pallets.
The company has facilities in Wisconsin and in the Visalia Industrial Park.

Woodlake To Get Ag Chem Company

Buttonwillow Warehouse, a chain of ag chemical and supply stores will open a location with a yard on S Acacia in Woodlake soon, near the Dryvit manufacturing plant. Starting as a grain elevator and warehouse, the Buttonwillow Warehouse Company diversified into distributing fertilizers and crop protection products in the early 1970’s. The closest store now is in Goshen.

Western Auto Plans New Store in Woodlake

Auto parts store Western Auto will build a new store on the north side of Valencia near the Dollar General in Woodlake later this year. The company is going through the permitting process with city.

Valley Tech Ag Lab Services To Expand

Tulare’s Valley Tech Ag Services plans to more than double its facility size on Fulton near South K St. The company is seeking city approval to build a 2-story, 7959sf building. A 4407sf building will remain on site. The firm has 13 employees.

Smaller Avocado Crop

The California Avocado Commission estimates farmers will ship 200 million pounds of fruit this season—only about half of what they sold the previous year, in part due to the cyclical nature of avocado production. Farmers say this year’s wetter winter and other signs point to a larger crop in 2018.

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