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Ag Beat: Nut Shippments / Kings Crop Value Up 9%

Walnut Shipments In May Higher/Almonds Down

Walnut shipments for export are up nearly 18% so far this crop year compared to last year despite the high value of the US dollar. Domestic walnut shipments were down 2.3%. For the month, domestic  shipments were up 7% and exports up 15%.

Meanwhile almond shipments for export this crop year are down around 10% while domestic shipments are flat. Almond exports to China/Japan are down 12%. After rising all year the US dollar vs other currencies (US Dollar Index) is down since March, a bullish trend.

Kings County 2014 Crop Value Up 9 Percent

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 1.59.58 PMThe gross value of all agricultural crops and products produced during 2014 in Kings County was $2.47 billion – an increase of 9.0% from the 2013 value.

Livestock and Poultry Products had the largest increase in value at $195,563,000 (25.2%) due primarily to increases in milk prices. Milk per cwt was $21.90 in 2014 compared to $18.20 in 2013 Production rose from 42 million cwt to around 44 million. Milk continues to be the top commodity with a value of $9.7 billion in 2014.

Vegetable Crops increased 43% in value $66 million due primarily to higher processing tomato production and price. Fruit and Nut Crops increased 10.7% in value $55 million due to higher almond and pistachio acreage and prices. Apiary Products increased 8.7%. attributed an increase in the almond pollination price (per colony).
Field Crops had the largest decrease in value at $105,496,000 (17.8%) due primarily to less acreage as a result of the drought conditions. Livestock and Poultry decreased 2.8%

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