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Ag Beat : Farm Jobs Higher? / HLB Updates / AGR News

Ag Beat

Kern Psyllid Infestation Concern

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.57.29 AMThe Asian citrus psyllid was recently detected at over 50 sites in residential areas of Kern County. It is clear that a breeding population is present, and that a probable cause for the infestation is the movement of plant material along high traffic corridors. The industry must act collectively to ensure loads are free of stem and leaf material and that, if fruit is moving to or through a non-quarantine area the load is tarped and that it is accompanied by an ACP Free Declaration, meaning the fruit was either treated just prior to harvest or was field cleaned.
At a meeting in Kern County Thursday morning Dr. Beth Grafton-Cardwell, Director of Lindcove REC & Research Entomologist, emphasized the importance of coordinated treatments through area-wide management programs. Although the sheer number of detections recently in Kern County is concerning, Grafton-Cardwell was optimistic that if local growers begin coordinated treatments during the next Fall flush, eradication is a likely possibility.
Kern County Grower Liaison for the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program Judy Zaninovich reports that all commercial groves nearby the residential treatment areas have been treated. CDFA has 4,500 delimitation traps placed throughout the county, including 3,500 in Bakersfield alone. CDFA anticipates as many as 30,000 residential property owners will be impacted.

Early Detection Seminar For Citrus Disease

Early detection technologies can become valuable tools for identifying Huanglongbing (HLB) positive trees before physical symptoms of the disease appear. A massive amount of research is being conducted but for a variety of reasons the new technologies are not being utilized in the field or for regulatory application. California Citrus Mutual and the Citrus Research Board invite you to learn more about these complex technologies at the HLB Early Detection Technology Summit to be held at the Visalia Convention Center on Tuesday, December 1 at 9 a.m.
The Summit will include presentations from the lead researchers working on early detection technologies, and a panel discussion featuring California Department of Food and Agriculture and United States Department of Agriculture officials and industry representatives on if, when, and how these technologies can be used in California.
Citrus scientist Beth Grafton-Cardwell says right it now it takes a year to identify if a tree has HLB but several technologies being tested have the promise of shortening that time significantly. Both dogs and devices being tested to do emissions sniffing.

Huh? Ag Jobs Rise In Parts of State Despite Drought

Screen Shot 2015-11-21 at 11.52.13 AMAg jobs have dropped by 500 year over year in Fresno County,what you might expect as the drought idles more land statewide. An economist at CSH Channel Islands, Sung Won Sohn notes that “Close to half a million acres of productive farm land have been taken out of production, and more will be set aside as the drought continues,” Sohn said in a news release. “This will continue to reduce jobs in farm and supporting industries.”
But look here. Statewide, EDD reports in the past day that there were 7000 more farm jobs on the books in October 2015 than a year earlier. Say what?
In parts of the state farm jobs this October rose big time on year over year basis according to the latest state figures. In Ventura County there was an incredible 2900 more farm jobs in October 2015 than a year earlier. Merced County logged 500 more. In Stanislaus the EDD says there were 1200 more.Tulare County farm jobs are up 100 from year ago.
We will look for answers.

AGR Partners completes two new growth capital investments

Visalia-based AGR Partners has announced the completion of investments in two companies — 3D Corporate Solutions, operating in the food ingredients and pet food industry and Tru-Test Limited, operating in the dairy and livestock industry.
“We are excited to work with Tru-Test and 3D as both are outstanding businesses with strong teams and we look forward to being a supportive partner to facilitate their growth,” said Ejnar Knudsen, managing member of AGR Partners.
AGR Partners has provided growth capital to 3D Corporate Solutions, based in Monett, Mo. 3D Corporate Solutions, Monett, Mo., is a leading manufacturer and distributor of value-added pet food and food ingredients.
“We are excited about AGR’s investment into the group and their ability to connect us to other players in the sector that will bring more value-added opportunities for our customers and suppliers,” said 3D CEO Scott Walker.
“3D is an outstanding business with a strong team that we are excited to work with. We believe this partnership is highly strategic to AGR. The connectivity 3D has to an array of agricultural industries including poultry and seafood, as well as non-grain ingredients globally is unique. We look forward to supporting 3D’s mission to listen, serve and solve all of their customer and supplier needs.” said Knudsen.
AGR Partners has provided growth capital in the form of subordinated debt and non-controlling equity in the dairy and livestock equipment company Tru-Test Limited headquartered in Auckland, New Zealand.
Tru-Test Limited designs, manufactures and markets critical farm equipment for over 100 countries around the world. The company developed and commercialized the world’s first proportionate flow milk meter in 1964 and is the world’s leading manufacturer of livestock weigh scales, milk metering equipment and electric fencing. In addition, Tru-Test is the largest manufacturer of on-farm milk storage tanks in New Zealand and develops dairy automation and milk cooling solutions.

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